Thursday, 5 July 2012

“Write Better” by Terence Siew

Publisher: Singapore Asian Publication
City of Publication: Singapore
Year of Publication: 2002
Writing is part of productive skill that very fun to do. Unfortunately, there are many students avoid this activity because it makes them confuse. On their opinion, writing activity need time to think about the flow of the story, the grammar and also correlation in every paragraph.
Okay, maybe it’s pretty confusing, but it doesn’t mean you afraid to start writing right? Please try to write something that interests you and don’t  worry about grammar because you can fix it later. And I suggest that you should read this book from Terence Siew because it really help you write better and effectively. This book also provide some writing examples with simple model of essay and letter.
Here it is one of example of writing with title “An Unlucky Day”. Yap, this writing is very funny and you can make it based on your experience of your “An Unlucky Day”.

An Unlucky Day

One morning, I got up with the feeling that the day was going to be an unlucky one for me. How right it was! I found that it was already seven o’clock and I rushed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. In my hurry, I did not see a piece of soap lying on the floor. I stepped on it and slipped,almost breaking my back in the process. 

After brushing my teeth, I went into the dining room for my breakfast. I gulped down the coffee without realizing that is was very hot. It scalded my tongue. I spat it out and could not eat anything because my tongue hurt. I got dressed and rushed to the bus stop. Unfortunately for me,I just missed the bus. My heart sank and I knew that I would be late for school.

When I reached school, my name was taken down by the teacher for the pupils had already entered the classes. The teacher scolded me for being late. To my humiliation, I was made to stand outside the class. I was so upset by the incidents that I could not study properly. But worse was to come.

After school, I was on my way homewhen something hard hit me on the head. Someone had thrown a bag of fish bones out of the window and it landed on me! I was boiling with rage but could do nothing. However, luckily for me,the missile only raised a small lump on my head. I managed to reach home safe and sound and did not dare to go ut again for the rest of the day.

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