Saturday, 11 May 2013

List of ELT Blogs from Indonesia

I finally found some great Indonesia ELT blogs that talk about English language teaching (ELT).
I’m so happy with their positive attitude in language teaching and in sharing great ideas to others from their blog.

So here we go, my list of ELT blogs from Indonesia.
(FYI: My ELT blogs list is not in any order and the information is directly taken from the blogger’s blog.)

Sandra Sembel :
New Normal in the 3rd Millennium Education
Where ideas are expressed

Retno Sofyaniek :
Stories and thoughts of an Indonesian English teacher

Abdul Rahman Reijerink :
Promoting Quality Pedagogy and Praxis

Yitzha Sarwono :
Learning, sharing , teaching and always searching

Hugh Elliott :
Hugh Elliott's blog on teaching techniques, methods and general education topics. Made for Indonesian teachers of English as a Foreign Language

HaRits MasDuqi :
A blog about my passion in teacher training, scholarship, culture, and literature.
Anik Utomo :
Research in the field of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at the Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand


Education for all education for a better life 

Heriyanto Nurcahyo :
ELT IN Indonesia | Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches a Heart

Ratna Wulandari :
ELT Development in Indonesia

Note: If you like to add your blog to my ELT blog list or I missed some ELT blogs from Indonesia. Please, contact me and send me your blog links or your favorite ELT blogs from Indonesia so that I can extend it to my list. Or you can just write it on my blog’s comment below.

Happy Blogging!


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