Sunday, 3 February 2013

Learn New Vocabulary Through Picture Dictionary

Vocabulary is knowledge of words and word meanings. Limited of vocabulary will bring language learner in confusing situation. So, language learner need to be familiar as much as possible to English vocabulary. Although it needs time to memorize all English vocabulary, but it possible to start learn English vocabulary in early age of the children.

Actually, the introduction of new words in English to the children is more effective when it teaches by using picture dictionary. Picture dictionary usually presented new vocabulary with interesting visualization. Picture dictionary also presented new vocabulary by theme i.e., at school, at supermarket, at office, at airport,etc. Picture dictionary through colorful visualization has brought students to see real life. It makes children become more enthusiastic in learning English. 

In Indonesia, picture dictionary already selling in many bookstore. Picture dictionary that selling in Indonesia published by local and international publisher. Mostly, picture dictionary presented in good package and in colorful visualization. The main goal of this good package is to persuade children to get interesting in learning English vocabulary.

And if you like you can open e-book of "My Picture Dictionary" on above or on this link :


  1. Who says learning can’t be fun. Learning can be fun when one is learning with Learn English Vocabulary by using gamified approach and by challenging your friends at the same time. Learn new words by looking at the pictures related to it.
    Give a shot..!!